We consistently support each of our clients with our expertise, values of innovation and team spirit.

Founded in 2018 in Lausanne, LEGAL INSIGHTS provides flexible services, adapted to its clients' needs, according to clear and predefined price scale. 

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Founded by Laurence Krayenbühl in 2018 in Lausanne, LEGAL INSIGHTS is a human size law firm placing its clients at the heart of its activity and advising them efficiently according to their needs. The know-how of our team and our values allow us to assist our clients efficiently through their legal challenges. 

We shift traditional legal practice by providing flexible services adapted to the client's needs and according to a clear and predefined price scale. 


We are committed to advise our clients on the risks of each individual case and to implement the best suited solutions to avoid unnecessary cost escalations. We aim to anticipate disputes or, if they are unavoidable, to resolve them efficiently, prioritizing our clients goals.

Our values reflect our goals of teaming up with our clients on the long-run and to advise them on their most complex legal challenges. 

We advise our clients in most of the areas of law and also assist our clients in litigation cases, in particular in the field of commercial law, bankruptcy law but also criminal law, family law and inheritance law.

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We are compliant with the laws, directives and regulations applicable to our profession. We act with care and diligence in the interests of our clients. 

When accepting a mandate, we inform our clients of our fee structure, which is determined according to the circumstances, the difficulty and importance of the case, the interests of the client and the possible outcome of the proceedings. The amount of the fees must be appropriate. Any unused retainer shall be returned.

In case of lump-sum fees, these correspond to the anticipated services which will be provided by the lawyer.

When invoicing, we record the actual time spent on the mandate as well as the expenses related to it - without any opaque additions. We communicate this information to our clients. 


We provide quality work. We work efficiently in the interest of our clients. We measure and control the quality of our services.


Our actions are thoughtful. We strive to meet the immediate needs of our clients while contributing to their long-term strategies.


We conduct our activities with respect for the environment, paying attention to the mindful use of natural resources and the reduction of environmental impacts.