Vanessa Dufour I +41 21 311 45 45       

Vanessa Dufour is active in the areas of family law (custody, maintenance and liquidation of the matrimonial regime) and personal law (protection of adults and children) in which she defends and advises her clients efficiently and dynamically.

Vanessa Dufour has solid experience in representing her clients in humanly and legally complex cases in the area of civil law and criminal law and develops with them a relationship of trust that allows her to provide personalized advice in situations of, sometimes, great urgency or for the anticipation and prevention of conflicts. 

In cases she considers it an adequate response to the legal and human situation encountered, Vanessa Dufour will prioritize transactional resolutions of disputes (mediation, negociation), which can lead to significant time and cost savings for the client.

She defends and assists her clients before the competent authorities and courts as well as in arbitration procedures in ongoing proceedings or at their initiation. Her judicial and advisory practice extends to areas related to labour law and inheritance law, criminal law as well as to all matters related to debt collection proceedings.


Vanessa holds a bilingual French-German Master's Degree from the University of Fribourg which she obtained in 2011 with a specification in the areas of family law, company law, contract law as well as inheritance law, including an additional training in the area of cross-cultural aspects of negociation for business matters. 


Vanessa worked for the Federal Audit Oversight Authority in Bern before completing her internship with a Geneva-based law firm. In this context and - after obtaining her bar exam in 2015 - during her activity as an associate in a Lausanne based law-firm, she regularly defended clients in front of the courts in Vaud and Geneva. The foundation of LEGAL INSIGHTS having been a common idea, Vanessa joined Laurence at the law firm in early February 2019.

Vanessas' working language is French. She is also fluent in English and Spanish and works in German with the assistance of her colleagues.