Anaïs de Rivoire  I I +41 21 311 45 45 ​


Anaïs de Rivoire advises and assists individuals as well as companies with their legal challenges. She regularly deals with projects related to each stage of the development of legal entities but also deals with issues related to private clients.


Anaïs is active in the field of contract law, such as labor law, lease agreements, mandate agreements and contracts in the area of real estate and construction, in which she advises individuals and companies.


Anaïs also represents her clients in litigation (civil, criminal and administrative). She defends and assists her clients before the competent authorities and courts both in the case of ongoing proceedings or as soon as they are initiated.


She proritizes alternative dispute resolution (mediation, negotiation) in case it appears to be an adequate response to the legal and human situation encountered.


Anaïs is in close contact to her clients and builds trust based long-term relationships.



Anaïs de Rivoire holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in law from the University of Fribourg as well as a certificate of specialization in legal matters from the University of Geneva.


She worked as an ad hoc clerk at the District Court of Lausanne, both in the criminal, civil and labor courts.


After completing her legal internship in a a law firm based in Geneva and Paris, she obtained her bar exam. Afterwards, Anaïs continued her activity as an associate in the same law firm in Geneva before joining LEGAL INSIGHTS in 2020.


Anaïs is a member of the Vaud Bar Association and the Swiss Bar Association.


Her working languages are French and English. She also works in Spanish and German with the assistance of her colleagues.